XI anthroposophic medicine congress – Brazil

XI anthroposophic medicine congress

During the Artistic Therapy Symposium, which occurred inside the Anthroposophic Medicine Congress, from the 3rd till the 6th July, our association (AURORA-ABTAA) promoted and organized:

  • an interdisciplinary conference: doctors and therapists working together
  • six clinical case studies on the following topics: autism, macular degeneration, craniomandibular dysfunction, breast neoplasia, insomnia/exhaustion
  • three oral presentations: D’Herbois method, artistic therapy for pedagogy, artistic therapy for cancer patients
  • two practical guided activities:  one with charcoal and the other with watercolour.
  • an open plastic arts workshop

A wonderful exhibition was organized with works by the first specialization group in Light, darkness and colour (Collot D’Herbois). This course took place in Florianópolis at Escola Sagres [Sagres School] from 2010 to 2013, led by the therapist Bernadette Gollmer (Switzerland).







Follow the link to see our timetable during the symposium