Federation Council Financially Supports Corowa Medical Center’s Revised Plans | border mail

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A private medical center in Corowa has obtained a financial concession from the Council of the Federation for the creation of a new scaled-down facility to serve the area. Earlier this year plans for a two-storey facility in Guy Street that would have attracted 25 additional healthcare professionals were presented to council. But delays in the progress of the project meant that potential tenants were abandoned, necessitating a redesign and, subsequently, a second application for development. Councilors on Tuesday rejected a staff recommendation not to award financial assistance to the medical center developer and will instead contribute $14,500 or 50% of all costs associated with preparing another development application. Funding committed by the board will come from an unspent portion of community grants. IN OTHER NEWS Mayor Pat Bourke said the demand from healthcare facilities justifies council accepting the developer’s request. “It’s one of the most important things in our community,” he said. “The pressure on our hospitals (is significant).” “You may say it’s a private business, but this doctor is serving the community like no other. He’s expanding facilities that will only make things better in the entire Corowa area.” Cr Andrew Kennedy , based in Mulwala, also backed the funding “We are the only big town in this county that doesn’t have a doctor’s office, we don’t have daycare centers,” he said. “I’m going to be very passionate about this in the future hopefully if I come back to the board. “What they want to build is very exciting for Corowa.” Director Susan Appleyard said some of the delays in processing the original development centered on on-site parking and traffic management. A request to change the on-site parking requirements from 72 to 37 has been accepted by council. “It’s not an easy process to follow and it takes time,” she said. “It’s not a simple development and it looks for variations.” Cr Gail Law, former chair of the Corowa Hospital board, said the request was justified. but they have a lot more needs than Corowa.” Our reporters work hard to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content: