Meeting of the Russian Federation-Council of Europe Steering Committee

On April 27, an online meeting of the Steering Committee on Co-operation between the Council of Europe and the Russian Federation took place.

The meeting was opened by Co-Chairs Nikolay Kobrinets, Director of the Department for European Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, and Director of the Office of the General Directorate of Programs Verena Taylor, followed by the Permanent Representative of Russia Federation in the Council of Europe, Ivan Soltanovsky.

Representatives of the Directorate General of Human Rights and Rule of Law, the Directorate General of Democracy, the Directorate of Political Affairs and the Program Office of the Council of Europe in the Russian Federation attended took part in the discussion on the CoE side.

The list of Russian participants included representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Sports, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, the High Office of the Human Rights Commissioner of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Interior, Office of the Presidential Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, representatives of organizations public and higher education institutions of the Russian Federation.

The agenda of the meeting included the stocktaking of the co-operation between the Council of Europe and the Russian Federation in 2019-2020 and the discussion of new projects planned for 2021-2022.