Putin submits Federation Council formation bill to State Duma – Russian Politics & Diplomacy

MOSCOW, October 31. / TASS /. Russian President Vladimir Putin has submitted to the State Duma (the lower house of the Russian parliament) a bill on the formation of the Federation Council (the upper house), which provides for a presidential prerogative to appoint senators for life and introduced a procedure for former Russian presidents to receive the statute, the State Duma released the information on Saturday in its digital database.

“Today the president submitted another package of bills to the State Duma with the aim of implementing the amended provisions of the constitution,” said the chairman of the Construction Commission of the State and Legislation, Pavel Krasheninnikov.

According to the deputy, “a new edition of the law on the procedure for the formation of the Council of the Federation has been drafted as well as amendments to the law” On the status of member of the Council of the Federation and the status of deputy of the Duma State of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. “

The press service of the State Building and Legislation Commission said that in addition to the representatives of the legislative and executive powers of a subject of the Russian Federation, former Russian presidents should enter the Council. of the Federation, becoming senators for life, with “more than 30 representatives of the Russian Federation, who are appointed by the president, of which a maximum of seven can be appointed for life.”

Nomination procedure

The bill stipulates that senators – representatives of the Russian Federation – are appointed for six years or for life by presidential decree. The Head of State cannot appoint more than seven senators for life. The appointment of senators is a presidential prerogative, but not a duty, so the president can use it at any time.

Under the Russian Constitution, citizens with outstanding merits in their state and public service in the country could be appointed life members of the Federation Council. The bill presented contains the same provision.

The requirements for former presidents are considered in a separate clause. A Russian president, who has finished his term after the expiration of a presidential term or in advance, acquires the status of senator from the moment of sending a candidacy, with all the required documents attached, to the Council of the Federation. The request can be made once within three months of the president’s departure. At the same time, the president whose mandate ended before the adoption of the bill may submit this request within three months from the date of the entry into force of the law.


Under the bill, a citizen of the Russian Federation over the age of 30 with an impeccable reputation, who resides permanently in Russia, who does not have the citizenship of a foreign state or an residence permit or any other document justifying the right of permanent residence in a foreign state can become a member of the Federation Council.

Persons convicted of medium offenses will not be eligible for this position. The current law only refers to serious or extremely serious crimes.