The Federation Council called Bloomberg’s post about the ‘invasion’ of Ukraine a natural mistake

Bloomberg’s post about the “beginning of the invasion” of Ukraine feels like a natural mistake, as a hysterical political mood now prevails in the United States. Federation Council member Alexei Pushkov wrote about it on his Telegram channel.

The senator noted that the US media was eagerly awaiting military action. The United States is literally waiting for war, he said.

“Outraged phrases like ‘why isn’t President Biden doing more to protect Ukraine?!’ roam from one US TV channel to another,” Pushkov explained.

He pointed out that Bloomberg fell into a direct lie. However, this situation is not the first time, said a member of the Federation Council. “All of this has been in the US media many times before – and about Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and Syria. And now they have discovered a new false front for themselves,” Pushkov added.

Earlier, Russian President’s Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov noted that Bloomberg’s erroneous publication about the alleged start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is a demonstration of global tension and the consequences of such messages and statements of the West.

On February 5, the American news agency Bloomberg mistakenly published a headline on its website about Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine and later apologized for publishing false data. . The circumstances under which a false and provocative posting might appear on the agency’s website are under investigation.


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