The Federation Council has proposed to make the specialist degree in certain fields of education

OREANDA-NEWS. For some professions that are important for the Russian economy, it was proposed to dismiss the specialist and abandon the Bologna education system, reports Radio 1. The corresponding bill was developed in the Federation Council and Lilia Gumerova , Chair of the Science, Education and Culture Committee, spoke about it.

Our committee has prepared a draft law, according to which the specialist is dismissed for specialties where such a system is more effective than bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. This applies to mining engineers, representatives of the oil and gas industry of engineering specialties, doctors, she said.

A specialty may be a more appropriate form of training for certain specialties, Gumerova noted. At the same time, it will not be possible to abruptly abolish the Bologna system, but in some professions it can be done, she believes.

Now the question is being discussed with university rectors, experts and representatives of relevant departments: is it necessary to change the legislation or are the regulations sufficient.

Earlier, the president of the Financial University of the Government of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Ekindarov, urged not to rush to abandon the Bologna system, because Russia has no intention of closing itself to the world. . He noted that such a system was partially justified, even if it changed the usual form of education.